April 12, 2016

The Top 10 Ways To Care For Your Face And Maintain A True, Lasting Beauty

Your face is important in many ways, from the expressions you show people to tell them how you’re feeling to the confidence you have going out in the world when you know you look your best. Unfortunately, many people neglect the face until it starts showing the wear and tear of time or unhealthy habits. Taking good care of your face is one of the best ways to maintain your poise and self-esteem at any age; here are the top 10 ways to take the best possible care of the skin on your face:

1. Always Protect Your Face From The Sun

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of premature and exaggerated aging and you probably see examples of this all around you: People who fail to protect themselves form the sun’s harmful rays end up with very obvious crows feet and other tell-tale signs of skimping on the SPF. Damage from the sun is also something that’s near impossible for any creams, lotions or plastic surgeons to remedy, so never leave home without adequate sunscreen.

2. Use Products Specifically Formulated For Your Skin Type

Even if you see a fabulous product at an irresistible price, don’t buy it unless it’s made for you. Skin types can actually change how products work or don’t work anyway, so you’re not going to get the full benefits of any item unless it’s designed to work on your skin specifically. If your skin is oily, restrict your purchases to beauty products made just to deal with those conditions; likewise, if you tend to dry out easily, make sure the treatments and cosmetics you use have added moisturizing properties.

3. Don’t Be Harsh With CleansingDaily Face Cleanser

Even if you have acne, it’s excruciatingly important that you avoid harsh cleansing in your daily routine. Harsh cleaning strips your skin of its natural balance, making matters worse. Especially over time, removing the oils in your skin chemically may even age your skin prematurely. Use cleansers that are effective, but that do the job with gentle ingredients.

4. Exfoliate Regularly

If you ever saw your skin under a microscope, you’d likely squirm: Cellular activity is an ongoing process, and you actually shed your skin all the time. While that might not be the most pleasant sight to see up close, it’s important that you’re aware of what’s going on, so you can more effectively care for your precious skin. Exfoliation rids the surface of your face of the dead skin cells, dirt, oils, pollution and other harmful particulates. As with regular cleansing, your exfoliation products should be custom-formulated to your skin type and be comprised of healthy ingredients.

5. Avoid Eye Contact Unless The Product Is Made For Eyes

Despite all the care you put into buying the right cleansers, exfoliation products, makeup and moisturizes, none of it should touch the fragile skin around your eyes unless it’s made just for this area. This skin is 10 times thinner and more delicate than say, the skin on your cheeks or chin; therefore, you must be 10 times more gentle with it.

6. Moisturize Every Single Day

Even on the days you don’t plan on going out or wearing makeup, stick to a healthy routine that includes using moisturizer. A good lotion won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or weighed down; it should absorb fairly quickly and leave your face looking dewy and healthy.

7. Look For Professional Recommendations And Hypoallergenic Ingredients

Hypoallergenic simply means the product is formulated to avoid common allergic reactions, thus, the product should not induce any odd reactions, such as a rash or redness. Using products that aren’t so specifically scientifically formulated are abusive to your skin and can actually damage it. Put your trust in companies that consult with dermatologists who know what is and isn’t healthy for your skin.

8. Try An Organic Skin Care Routine

If you’ve ever read the list of ingredients in one or more of your beauty products, you’ve probably felt a bit of shock at all the weird and even harsh chemicals that go into them. For the most part, it’s just not natural and these abstract additives may not be doing your skin any good. Try something a little closer to what Mother Nature intended, even opting for totally organic products. They have amazing smells, feels and often are just as effective, in some cases more so, than the strange science substances.

9. Never Skimp On Cosmetic Quality

Even if you’re not the organic type, you need to be aware of the downright poisonous ongoings in many of the cheaper cosmetics you may be buying. For example, a lot of mascara contains formaldehyde, the same exact compound pumped into corpses at a funeral home. When you’re looking to buy any product that’s going to go on your face, take the time to research it first. Don’t buy on impulse just because something is on sale, new or packaged in an attractive manner — do your homework and make sure the ingredients are acceptable.

10. Learn To Master The Stress In Your Life

On top of all that your skin goes through, stress can also really do it in if you’re not careful. Even if everything else about your skin care routine is exemplary, if you’re stressed, your skin can always look tired, sullen and pale and even age prematurely and permanently if you don’t have a handle on stress. Take up yoga or tai chi or just meditate at the beginning and ending of each day. Your skin won’t be subject to the abuse of stress and your whole body will reap the benefits of a calmer state of being, too.

Your face does more than keep a space for your nose, eyes and lips; it helps you express yourself to the world and lends confidence to everything you do. Taking the best possible care of the delicate skin on your face means always feeling like you shine and have, at the very least, a beautiful facade with which to face each day. Take the time to treat your face with all the TLC it needs now and you won’t have any regrets about it later.

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